Every person is unique and one-for-all training plans are not effective
we use only individual approach
we help you reach your goals
we teach how to get best out of running
your training goals are our top priority
With us you get daily coaching support: all your running-related questions are answered whenever they arise
What suits you best ?

Individual 4-week training plan

Our coaches do not use templates
We develop your unique personalised training program that ideally fits your needs and goals

Individual running technique sessions

Proper running technique is the key to effortless, injury-free and enjoyable running

Individual 4-week training plan with Head Coach

Ekaterina will guide you through all aspects of running

Amazing Quality Running Gear

Limited Marathonica x GRI series of top-quality technical technical t-shirts and vests

We fallow scientific approach to training and rely only on proven research data.

We are an international community of coaches, athletes and running enthusiasts training and running in different parts of the world.

We meet at races and running camps and share are passion for the freedom of running.

Join us and fall in love with the sport!
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