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  • Kate Preobrazhenskaya
    Head Coach & CEO, London & Online
  • Maria Pronina
    Coach, online and Moscow
  • Katya Dixon
    Coach, Mogilev and online
  • Igor Zelenskiy
    Triathlon Coach, Sevastopol and online
Ekaterina Preobrazhenskaya
Head Coach& CEO, London and online
Kate is the founder and head coach of Marathonica Running School.
She graduated from MGIMO University in Moscow, holding a degree in Political Science and International Journalism, and started her career as a journalist and PR manager. However, running has become an important part of her life in early twenties, and since them its value only grew.
One day she decided to totally change her life and start doing what she loves most professionally - thus she became a running coach.
Certified coach of UESCA (USA) and LiFR (UK), prize-holder of several races in Russia and Europe, ultramarathoner and trail-runner, member of a number of international coaches associations, Kate follows a very personalised approach to every trainee. She seeks to develop an optimal training schedule, which would let balance life, work and training and harmonically reach the individual's goals. "I base my advice on scientific evidence. Faster and harder is not always optimal, and 'do as i do' is the worst path a coach can follow" - is Kate's credo.
Kate is an ambassador of the #runsome campaign, which promotes commute running as a means of transport and seeks to develop running-friendly environment in our cities.
Being an author for biggest Russian running magazine Marathonec, Kate uses her opportunity to pass her knowledge across to people. She is also a frequent host and guest of podcasts.
Kate lives and works in London, and you can sometimes find her in Up&Running store in East Sheen, where she can help you find your ideal running gear. She also is a part of a local Barnes Runners running club and hold its record in half-marathon distance.
Maria Pronia
Coach, online and Moscow
Maria is a certified running coach.
She has been running for 5 years and has achieved amazing results. She has started at the age of 38 and already holds amazing PBs: 10 km - 41.29; 21 km - 1.27. 48; marathon - 3.06.60

Maria took park in Abbott World Marathon Masters in London 2021, twice took third place in her age group in Moscow Marathon, numerous times stood on a podium of different Russian and international races.

Maria is an attentive coach who not only does her best to train her athletes, but also gives then sincere emotional support.
Ekaterina Dixon
Coach, Mogilev and online
Hi! My name is Katya Dixon.
I am a certified running and ultramarathon coach (UESCA, USA), ultramarathoner myself, prize-winner of many races in Belorus from 10 to 67 km. Running is my life, passion and therapy.
I started running at the age of 23 and soon understood that I have found my destiny. Everything developed really quickly: I went through trial and error, started a running blog, studies as a coach, reinvented a more mindful approach to training and started to coach others... Running transformed me from a weak girl into a confident marathoner.
My current priority is to run and help others run. To demonstrate, how one can cover great distanced without injury-free and with pleasure. To make people fall in love with running. To help then reach their goals, which initially seamed unreachable. To light the fire in their eyes. To bring passion of running and movement into people's lives.
Igor Zelenskiy
Triathlon Coach, Sevastopol and online
Hi! My name is Igor. I am a triathlon coach, triathlete, marathoner and randonneur.
I graduated from Povolzhskiy State University of Physical Culture and Sport and am a qualified triathlon coach. I hold athlete levels in the Russian Sports Classification in athletics, parachute sport and mountain tourism.
My goal as a coach is not "sacrifice all for a PB", but to open the world of triathlon for you so that you fall in love with it.
I help amateur triathletes get stronger and enjoy the sport.
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